Best Freelance Websites | 2018 Review

Best Freelance Websites | 2018 Review

In the last couple of years, Freelancing has become incredibly popular. Most of the startups hire a freelancer to cut down their product expenses whereas some big organization like Google and Amazon hire a freelancer for their rich experience and flexibility. Due to this, there is a boost in the Freelance Economy and every skilled person is going to get his hands on experience with the freelancing and is looking for best freelance websites to work. Some people are doing Freelancing to supplement their monthly income and others pursuing it full-time for the freedom it accords them.

Today, We are presenting you a list of Best Freelance Website in 2018.


Truelancer Homepage

Truelancer is an online marketplace connecting clients with freelancer workers all over the globe. Their platform is quick, safe, and you have the flexibility to submit single jobs or build up an ongoing working relationship with a freelancer.

If you want to find someone to carry out some tasks quickly you’ll find them on Truelancer. From Website development, mobile app building, and SEO, they have a huge database of active freelancers (500,000 at press time) waiting to pick up your job.

There are 3 different options when finding a freelancer

  1. First, you can browse freelancers’ pre-defined gigs under the “Buy Services” tab
  2. Second, You can post a “Contest” for services like Logo Design, Wireframes and UI Design to crowdsource your requirements.
  3. Last but not the least is Project Posting where an Employer can post his requirements and freelancers send their proposals to that particular Job.

The Best Part of Truelancer is that its the most affordable Freelance Marketplace where an employer has to pay 0% project Fee and the Freelancer has to pay 10% of his total earning.

Tip: Truelancer is one of the best freelance websites for beginners

Visit Truelancer here.


Upwork Home Page

Upwork is the Largest Freelance Marketplace in the world. The most popular freelance job site on the Internet today, birthed from the merger of oDesk and Elance. When you first start out, they take a 20% cut of your earnings, but this reduces as you build more experience.

When I started my freelance career I did it with these sites and now I feel good that I have one website and one portfolio. Upwork provides very high-quality service and the fees that they take for projects is also small. The most important thing that I love about Upwork is their support team. It never happened that they were not able to respond to my queries and problems.

You can find work for almost every skill from Web Development to Content writing.

The Biggest Problem with the Upwork is 20%  of its service charge for freelancer and 3% of transaction charge from the employer.


Fiverr Homepage

Freelance service marketplace Fiverr is a platform that helps employers find talent for their projects.  The service facilitates meetings between employers and freelancers who can aid them in brand building or their marketing efforts, providing them with access to a vast pool of highly-qualified freelancers.

The platform allows entrepreneurs to discover freelancers by having them come in contact with service sellers in three different levels. This way, they get to meet freelancers with the ideal skill sets and rates who will suit their needs. These seller levels allow businesses to either expand or narrow their searches according to freelancer levels.

Fiverr is just the right platform that an employer on the hunt for a freelancer needs. You can find just about any product or service you need–all starting at $5. The system works by hosting freelancers by having them post their services and work samples. Buyers simply have to look up the best one that would suit their needs. Common services include logo design, contract writing and even hiring a virtual assistant.

All purchases on Fiverr are subject to a processing fee of $1 on purchases up to and including $20, and 5% on purchases above $20 along with the 20% fee from the Freelancer.



Toptal is a freelance talents’ network of developers, designers, and financial experts. This platform is a go-to when companies want to hire talents who belong in the top 3% of their fields. This ensures that employers get the best candidates to fill in their open positions.

Toptal also makes the recruitment process less arduous. When employers use the platform, they can swiftly find the independent talent they need. On top of that, these workers who hail from different places around the world are fluent in English so communicating with them is clear and smooth.

With Toptal, companies are assured that they are with a cost-effective hiring platform. Their chosen freelancer can work with them for a free trial period. And when they decide to add the talent to their team, they pay only when they are satisfied with the work.

Toptal requires an initial deposit of $500 once companies hire a talent. If they decide not to move forward with the hiring process, the platform refunds the deposit amount in full. On top of that, employers also pay the freelancers whose fees range from $60 per hour to more than $6,400 per week.


PPh is basically a freelance website for freelancers and people looking to hire freelancers for a variety of jobs. The website was founded in 2007 by Xenios Thrasyvoulou. PeoplePerHour is headquartered in London, UK. The website has posted over 1.1 million jobs and states that freelancers in more than 89 countries using the site have earned over $100 million dollars since the site was launched

Businesses and individuals (Buyers) can post various jobs on the site for freelancers to bid on. Freelancers (Sellers) can also post their own various services (called “hourlies”) along with their rates. There are numerous job categories to choose from including Administration, Design, IT and Development, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Translation, Tutorials, Video, Writing, and more.

The company charges a fee to freelance sellers for using the platform. The company deducts a 20% handling fee on the first approximate $600 received each month and then 5% thereafter.


Freelancer is another popular freelance talent staffing site. More than 25 million registered users have completed more than 12 million projects with, meaning that a lot of companies around the world are using these independent professionals for outsourced software and application development, writing, design and other business services. In my review of, I sought to discover how employers are currently using the talent site, as well as how its features such as payment and time tracking compare to its rival freelance sites.

The process of posting a project, comparing and selecting freelance bidders and paying upon approval is the same. However, with Freelancer, both the freelancer and the employer pay an hourly or project fee. The commission varies, depending on the employer’s or employee’s membership level (which ranges from free to $59.95/month).

Fees for freelancers according to varies depending on the type of project or service and plan that you have successfully bid on. The following fee structures provide a basic idea of what they can be:

  • For fixed price projects – 10% or $5.00 USD, whichever is greater, and 10% for hourly projects.
  • For contests – 10% or $5.00 USD, whichever is greater
  • For services – 20% fee of the total service price
  • For the Preferred Freelancer Program – 15% project fee


Guru is a freelance platform where independent professionals collaborate with employers from all over the world. This marketplace is a pool of freelancer with their own fields of expertise. hosts individuals and groups who offer services in more than eight categories. This allows employers to carefully select the freelancer or guru who has the right set of skills that match their specific requirements.

Additionally, is an easy-to-use service. Businesses can search for freelancers or post a job and receive proposals straight from the homepage.

With, large businesses can even manage a big group of jobs or talents with the platform’s enterprise solution. This makes the hiring and managing of multiple gurus less arduous. On top of that, they even get personalized service from a representative.

The only fee for the employer is a 2.5% handling fee when paying an invoice whereas the freelancer has to pay a service charge of 10%.

Well, We know that Businesses hire Freelancers and pay a huge some money in the name of transactional charges and service charges. On completing a Freelance Job freelancers has to pay a huge amount of service charge varying from 10% to 20% which is on a higher side for any organization.

A USA based company has recently launched its services. It is a Freelance Management & Payment solution for business.

Quick benefits:

  1. The Freelancers don’t have to pay any project fee or commision for payments received from clients. ( 20% saving on every payment)
  2. Clients can manage & pay freelances across the world from single service.
  3. Clients receive all their invoices in one place.
  4. Freelancers get the freedom to choose their payout option. They can choose bank transfer, Paypal, Payoneer etc.

Read –  US Freelancer saves $1737 in Paypal fee every year with


MyRemoteTeam is an Integrated Freelance Management & Payment Solution specially developed to send money to your Remote Team spread around the Globe. MyRemoteTeam is one of a kind payment solution where Employer can easily send money to his remote team without registering himself to multiple payment solutions like Paypal, Payoneer etc.
Along with the single registration solution, MyRemoteTeam is the most economic payment solution for Freelancers

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