[Review] Best Time Management Apps for Remote Teams & Freelancers

[Review] Best Time Management Apps for Remote Teams & Freelancers

Time Management Applications – An Introduction

Fast spreading remote working cult has paved way for the development of Time Management Applications for remote teams and Freelancers. Experts in many fields are shifting to the remote working model owing to the flexibility it offers. Are you one among those who want to get rid of the regular 9 to 5 job? Do you want to freelance? Whatever your plans are, emerging employment trends are in your favor. Many organizations shift to remote working model increasing the number of freelance jobs. Time Management Apps help track the productivity of remote workers in a precise manner. Such Applications help the clients as well as the Freelancers to keep track of the working hours and payment aspects. Let us have a look at some of the Time Tracking Softwares that contribute to organizational development in a huge manner.

 Reasons to go in for Time Management applications 

Time Management Applications are absolute requirements to manage the productivity of remote teams at optimal levels. Such applications serve many purposes that are crucial to you from a business point of view. If you are one among those who manage remote teams or freelancers, the below points substantiate the need for Time Management Applications.

Time Management Apps

  • Helps in gauging the productivity of your team members working from remote locations.
  • Ensures that you pay your remote team members commensurate to their exact efforts.
  • Tracks hourly payments in a precise manner.
  • Helps you charge your clients equivalent to the efforts invested in their project.
  • Helps you track project-wise tasks done by your team members so you are on set budget at any point of time.
  • Helps you to have control over the activities of your remote team members at all points of time through the inbuilt screen monitoring feature
Time Management Applications help clients pay for productive hours

Time Management Applications track the tasks done by each remote team members in a minute by minute manner. They generate reports that enable clients to understand the exact hours spent on their project by each team member. This helps them to pay only for productive hours, flushing out the time spent on ‘out of the project’ tasks. Time Management Applications help companies charge only for the productive hours spent on their client projects increasing their credibility with clients. Relationship maintenance is one of the main benefits that the customers gain by using Time Management Applications.

Time Management Applications help freelancers earn for every hour they have worked

Freelancing is a type of work that is usually done from locations spread across the globe. Freelancing model fosters hourly working as well as regular working from remote locations. Many Freelancers work on hourly basis. Time Management Applications facilitate tracking the work done by freelancers on an hourly basis. These applications substantiates their hard work fetching them the money commensurate to their productivity. Such applications help in rapport maintenance between the client and the Freelancers providing genuine data that is win-win for all interfaces. Time Management Applications safeguards freelancers from losing money due to lack of data pertaining to working hours.

List of Top 7 Time Management Applications with Pros & Cons

When it comes to remote working model, assessing the productivity of freelance workers as well as the remote teams is of utmost importance. Many Time Management Applications cater to the specific needs of the remote working model. Let us have a look at the Top 7 Time Management Applications that value adds to Remote teams and individual Freelancers.

1. Roadmap

Roadmap is one of the best Time tracking software for assessing the productivity of remote teams. Roadmap is particularly helpful when there are many remote employees involved in the tasks. Roadmap covers tasks end to end helping you to decide on the exact work load of each individual. This helps you to allocate more work where the same is less in volume. Roadmap helps in reducing the workload of remote workers who are overloaded with work. This post facto management of task allocation aids in timely completion of tasks. The flexibility Roadmap time tracking app offers to remote work management makes teams achieve their project goals on time.

Roadmap helps you manage time within your team in strategic manner. The reports Roadmap generates value add to the activity tracking without missing any crucial aspect of the projects in hand.


Pros – Rich features that help track the productivity of huge teams working from remote locations
Cons – Alignment with external applications is an aspect that needs improvement

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a value adding time tracking software that not only allocates tasks to remote team members but also tracks their efficiency. It tracks the time spent by individuals in tasks project-wise. Time Doctor generates client-wise reports which provide the exact time spent by your remote team members on each project.

Time Doctor comes with a Screen Monitoring Software that enables you to monitor the screens of remote workers. This helps you keep the productivity of remote workers under control at all points of time. It helps in monitoring internet browsing time and official working time in a separate manner. This makes Time Doctor the best Time Management Application among the many similar others.

Pros – Time Doctor facilitates integration of more than 30 applications which add immense value to the users. The application causes no distractions to the users and has a separate client login screen. Apart from Screen monitoring, Time Doctor monitors keyboard and mouse activities also. Time Doctor is available for free trial.
Cons – Lacks premium consulting services and charges entry levels set up fee to users as an optional service

3. Spacetime.am

Spacetime.am is one of the Time Management Applications which is helpful to team members working from different world locations. It allows team members to add their time zones from where they work in a remote manner. Once you add the time zone to the application, the remote team members can key in their working hours. The other team members can view and plan their tasks depending on this information.

Spacetime.am contributes to meetings between remote team members in a perfect manner. When you key in the meeting schedule in the application, it automatically displays the same in the respective time zones to each member. This makes comprehension easy for all the team members enabling meetings to happen on time as planned every time.

Pros – The settings tool bar and add teammates feature makes it a simple application to handle for all team members
Cons – Spacetime.am Time Management Application lacks support if you do not enter the time zones in the settings panel of the application.

4. Tick Spot

Basically a Time Management module for tracking the productivity of remote teams, Tick Spot easily integrates with regular softwares. Tick Spot helps tracking the time spent by remote team members in project-wise tasks. It displays the roadmap of Team members at all points of time. This helps every remote worker to be in sync with the target timelines. Tick Spot helps remote teams to be on budget right from the beginning till the end of projects. It clearly points out the ‘to do’ and ‘yet to do’ efforts individual team member-wise.

Pros – Integrates easily with all the regular Time Management Applications. When you integrate it with regular Time Management Applications, Tick Spot offers more than the actual value for money spent on the same. Tick Spot has huge scope to be designed as a complete Time Management Application with more value adding features.
Cons – Being more of an individual module, using it as a standalone application offers very less utility value to users.

5. Time Zone.io

Time Zone difference plays a crucial role in remote team management. Remembering the time zone of every team member is tough particularly when the size of the remote team is huge. Timezone.io displays the time of team members making it easy to track them based on the same. Timezone.io is free time tracking software that helps remote teams keep in touch with each other for tasks that are interdependent in nature. It helps members of the remote teams be in complete synchronization with each other at all points of time.

Time Zone.io requires a basic E Mail system and website for functioning. It has a stunning user interface which is easy to use. Every member of the remote team can locate the other team members across various time zones at the touch of a button. Time Zone.io nullifies the time difference issues that arise in a typical remote working model.

Pros – Helping team members identify the location and time zone of other team members within a jiffy
Cons – None in particular

6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff which is the leader among the Time Management Applications for remote teams is abundantly rich in features. The inbuilt time tracking features in Hubstaff supports Project Management to a great extent. The Weekly Time limit feature helps business houses set realistic tasks for remote team members. Hubstaff ensures that none of the team members are neither overloaded nor under loaded with tasks. Hubstaff allows Administrators to modify the weekly tasks at any point of time based on the volume of work on projects.

Hubstaff Time Management Application automatically stops tracking task completion once the weekly time limit gets over. It helps assign and track tasks for remote team members who perform for different Departments like QA, Research and Marketing. Hubstaff allows you to keep track of your Project budgets by capturing remote employee-wise tasks in a precise manner.

Pros – Hubstaff keeps the Admin informed about resources wasting their time on activities other than assigned tasks.
Cons – Stops working abruptly when Internet connection fails. Adding an offline working mode will help capture tasks performed when Internet connection fails. Synchronization of tasks completed while online and offline will help capture the complete data. This will enable continuous productivity without any hindrance.

7. Toggl

If you are in the business of charging your customers with an hourly rate, tracking time spent by your employees on the project is important. Both these aspects are directly related to the profitability of your business from a cost angle. Toggl is a Time Tracking Software that helps you track the exact working hours of your remote team members. The individualized manner in which Toggl tracks the performance of your remote team members adds immense value to the cost and productivity aspects.

The reports generated by Toggl track the time factor of your team members in a precise manner. These reports can be sent to the customers in set periodicities. Toggl Time Management Application for remote teams enables timely billing through its value adding reports.

Pros – Toggl helps you and your team members understand the number of hours for which billing has already been done. This enables raising a perfect invoice to customers. Reports generated by Toggl act as huge benefits for business houses and freelancers due to their precision levels. Toggl is easy to use and allows managing tasks in the most efficient manner.
Cons – Toggl Time Management Application allows notifications to pop up on the screen. This acts as a distracting factor many times.

Make the fullest use of Time Management Applications that come with rich in-built features. Time Management Applications are highly useful in tracking the productivity of remote teams and freelancers working from remote locations. The precise manner in which Time Management Applications contribute to remote working model adds to the productivity of the same. Time Management Applications designed specifically for remote team members and freelancers foster a good relationship with their clients. They create a business environment which is win-win for all the interfaces involved. Many Time Management Applications are available for a free trial. Go in for a demo and choose the Time Management Application that suits your exact business requirements. Leverage the same to your business advantage by tracking the productivity of y

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