[LIST] Freelancer Payment Methods

[LIST] Freelancer Payment Methods

Freelancing is a rapidly growing trend in US & across the world. As talented professionals from different parts of the world are coming online to find freelance work, once of the biggest challenge is to find a suitable freelancer payment methods to get paid by clients and online freelance marketplaces & websites.

ChallengeNot all counties support all payment methods to receive freelance earnings.


List of Popular Freelance Payment Methods

Paypal is one of the popular payment method available and used by freelancers to receive money. It is popular because most of the US clients prefer to pay by paypal.

Payoneer is a fast growing payment methods to get paid by clients in US and UK  and from online freelance websites. It is useful for freelancers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia & Philippines.

Many freelancers also use Skrill to get paid.

PayTm ( India to India Only )
Freelancers in India also use PayTM to get paid directly by clients in India.

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