Manage & Pay your Freelancers

Manage & Pay your Freelancers

In todays #DigitalEconomy every Entrepreneur or Business  works with freelancers and consultants to ensure they have access to top professionals and can scale quickly without the restriction of good employees in their city. provides a easy solution to Manage & Pay Freelancers, consultants,  remote employees or workers.

You can invite your freelancers, consultants, remote employees or workers to your team and pay them in 1 click and get all your invoices from them in one place.

Every business has now moved from outsourcing to a focus on driving agility in their talent strategy capabilities


  • Manage all freelancers, consultants and remote employees in once place.
  • Pay them from single account in any country.
  • Get all your invoices in one place.
  • Be in compliance with labor laws.

Businesses can manage their freelancers:
Businesses owners can focus on work and we take care of payments to freelancers. 

How are Freelancers paid?
Your freelancers can be from any country so we have payment solutions to pay freelancers in all the countries where you have your freelancers. We use Bank transfer, Wire, Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, TransferWise and many more partners to send payment to freelancer in fastest way with least fee.

How do I pay Freelancers?
You can invite your freelancer, consultant or remote employee to and pay all of them from signle account. You just have to load money ( using bank transfer / credit card / paypal ) and tell us how much to pay whome, we take care of rest.

The easiest way to onboard, manage and pay your freelancers, vendors and consultants

If your business model makes use of freelancers or contractors, it would be wise to review your hiring process to ensure you are in compliance with the current interpretation of the labor laws.

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