We Work Remotely: Why Top Talent is moving to Remote Work

We Work Remotely: Why Top Talent is moving to Remote Work

We Work Remotely is common term we hear from freelancers and consultants. Many terminologies related to the business world have undergone huge changes thanks to the technological developments we are experiencing today. Work today is not restricted to any particular space. The world stands united by time nullifying the distance factor created by geographical locations. Gone are those days when monitoring the Entry and Exit time of Employees was one of most important tasks of the Human Resources Departments. The working structure in today’s world allows the workforce to enter and exit the business environment more in a virtual manner, Its easy to find online jobs. Productivity no more remains a cause of concern since many software applications have been developed to track the performance of people working remotely.

Looking at the scenario from the workforce angle, more and more professionals opt for the flexi working model. One of the main reasons for this mind shift in people seems to be the absolute levels of flexibility the flexi working model offers. Any model becomes a success when the myths about the same are broken. This is true with the remote working concept too. Switching over from the traditional 9 to 5 office model to allowing Employees to work ‘out of sight’ was a huge risk from a productivity angle. This was mainly due to the misconceptions that prevailed about the remote working model in the business world. However, today, huge business tycoons across the globe have moved to the remote working model shattering all misconceptions about the same. Let us have a look at some such misconceptions that have been busted out making remote work model popular.

Debunked misconceptions about Remote working Model


Misconception 1 – Remote workers are out of contact many a times
Debunked – Mobile technology and other applications help contact employees 24X7 all round the year. Technological interventions have in fact provided opportunities to interact more frequently than the earlier days which lacked such interventions.

Misconception 2 – Productivity of people working from remote locations tends to deteriorate since they are not being monitored
Debunked – Remote working model saves the time taken by Employees to de-focus during tea break times from the work they are performing. Once the break time is over they take a few minutes to refocus all over again in the job they were focussing on earlier. Many applications have been developed to set and track productivity of employees meticulously. The focussed manner in which such applications monitor the efficiency of people working from remote locations results in increased productivity levels.

Misconception 3 – Communicating with employees in remote locations is tough
Debunked – Technological developments have paved way for telecommuting in many ways. Many software applications have been designed for planning and tracking one to one and group meetings in the virtual mode. Owing to the same communication happens more frequently in the virtual mode than in the reality model which has many practical hiccups. These days technology businesses prefer to be among the list of remote companies.

Misconception 4 – Data security is a huge question mark in the remote working model
Debunked – Today, IT teams in organizations are fully equipped with security solutions that safeguard the intellectual property at optimal levels. The security levels in remote working models are stronger than the reality model owing to the accessibility requirements across geographies in the latter model.

Misconception 5 – Loneliness felt by remote workers act as major de-moralizers
Debunked – The high levels of flexibility offered by remote working model provides increased number of opportunities for socializing. This is more so because there is no fixed space for working in the remote working model. The workforce involved has the flexibility of working from general spaces like restaurants and coffee shops at any point of time. This is absent in the reality model which tracks the physical presence of employees in the delegated space.

Misconception 6 – Meetings conducted between remote workers tend to be ineffective time wasters
Debunked – Remote workers have their own set of job goals to be met. They are chosen for the role taking into consideration their ability to co-work with others in the team who also work in a remote manner. This makes remote workers feel responsible towards being attentive to what is discussed during virtual meetings. This increases their seriousness about the outputs of meetings making them contribute to organizational development in a focussed manner.

Misconception 7 – No culture is witnessed in a typical remote working structure
Debunked – Remote working fosters one of the best organization culture by uniting virtual team members. The absence of small time gossips and office politics between these virtual team members impacts the profitability of the business in a positive manner.

Misconception 8 – Cost factor is very high in remote working model owing to the difference in geographies
Debunked – Remote working model reduces costs on establishments, work space, infrastructure and other amenities incurred by organizations. Many organizations part away with a portion of these costs which directly add to the motivation levels of remote employees. This acts as huge cost savings as well as an employee motivation strategy for companies who choose this model

Misconception 9 – Remote workers bunk work most of the time
Debunked – This is purely a mindset based issue since organizations that allow remote working track the performance of every remote worker closely. Modern day organizations focus on the output of remote workers and allow them to leverage the flexibility aspect of the model towards the same.

Misconception 10 – Remote working model extracts extra hours of work from people
Debunked – Remote working model offers such high levels of flexibility to people that it is not the organization but the individuals who deice their every day schedule. Remote workers take this decision based on the target to be achieved by them within the stipulated time frame specified by organizations. The organizations, from a productivity perspective, are keen about the outputs of remote workers than the number of hours they spend on official work.

More and more people move towards the remote working model owing to the many advantages it offers to the organizations and the employees. Let us have a look at the benefits of Remote working through real life testimonials of professionals who have opted for the same.

We work remotely, because…..

Vivek Bora who is a Project Manager in one of the IT companies in Nagpur shifted to remote working model even when the concept was still evolving. He says “Ours is a medium sized company in the IT space. It took me good amount of time and effort to convince my Management to work from home. With a lot of apprehension they approved working from home for me on a conditional basis that it would be a temporary trial. They were ready to allow this on a permanent basis if it yielded positive results for the Company. It had offered me so much of freedom physically and mentally that I was more than willing to take extra load on me. The Management witnessed the positive impact it had on my performance and allowed me continue working remotely. Now, many in my team enjoy the luxury of working from remote locations. The Management too is happy about the cost effective way the model works out for them.

Work Satisfaction
Reena Garg, a working mother for almost a decade now is too happy about the satisfaction she gets working remotely. When we asked her why she chose the remote working model, she said the work satisfaction that the model gave her was immense. She says “I have been running the race for almost a decade now. I started my career as a Trainee and today I have grown up to a Managerial position. Being a girl, I was made to run around from pillar to post in order to satisfy all aspects of personal and official life. At the end of the day, every day, I will feel empty. I realized that the emptiness was due to the incomplete feeling I was experiencing in every aspect of life. That is when I decided I will work remotely. I had to quit my job since the office did not support the model then. I shifted to a Company that gave me the remote working role. Today, I am back to my old Company since it supports the model. The high levels of work satisfaction I experience today is purely due to the flexibility the model blesses me with”

Saves commutation time
Rachna Agarwal, a newly wedded youngster in Mumbai, feels working remotely saves a lot of time for her. “Mumbai peak time being a world famous one, going to office and returning back home was taking more time than real office work. Being a ‘Nayi Bahu’, I was a feeling a lot of pressure to maintain rapport in my husband’s family since I would leave early and come late. I was worried if this will create relationship issues in the household. I requested for a work from home option to my HR team. I explained to them that my physical presence in office was not mandatory for the responsibilities I was handling. Today, I have the satisfaction of being a good ‘Bahu’ and a successful professional. Thanks to the remote working model, I save a lot of time which was being wasted in communication to and fro office.

Mental peace
Sathya Ganesan, a middle aged professional in Chennai has a different to point to talk about remote working model. Being the daughter of a disciplined School Principal, she was less of a gossip monger and more of a performer right from her childhood. Typical office atmosphere with gossiping and back biting took her off the hook. She felt highly uncomfortable and had to cope up with the same for a long period of time. When her office permitted her to work from remote location, she says “I was floating on cloud nine. The mental peace I have gained by working from home has no value. I am able to work in a focused manner without being pulled into office politics.”

More time with family & friends
Bindu Goswami who is married to a Doctor feels happy she has started spending more quality time with her family and friends. Being married to a Doctor whose profession has no fixed timing, her personal life was going for a toss when she started climbing up her career ladder. Children were growing up lacking quality interactions with their parents. This was when Bindu opted to work from home. She says “I took the right decision at the right timing. My life today is totally different than what it was during the last few years. I work when no one is at home and I spend time with family members when they return home. Children are thoroughly enjoying this change.”

Scope of high earning
Anjushman Bakshi, Senior Team Lead in a leading IT company in Hyderabad says “Companies today have realized the importance of suitability of resources to the role they are being hired for. They focus on cost cutting and look at hiring productive resources simultaneously. Remote working model offers them this dual benefit. Many companies who choose this model are willing to part off with a portion of cost they save on infrastructure and physical amenities. This benefits professionals like me who see the potential to earn high in this model. Remote working is completely win-win for companies as well as individuals”

Be your Own Boss
Adarsh Dhingra who is working in a publishing company feels out of the world when he thinks about working from a remote location. He says “My role involves co-ordinating between many Internal and External relationships. Managing things became much easier when I started working from the space I preferred to work from. I decide the chores for the day based on the inputs I receive from the various Departments I interact with. I have the choice to complete my work at any point of time during the day. I ensure that I finish the urgent ones within the crucial time frame. This freedom I enjoy in the remote working model makes me feel I am my Boss. I feel more responsible and am able to identify myself with my Company easily.”


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KN Murali
Lovely article.. You have analysed the issue threadbare.. I could see a paradigm shift in the attitude of several corporate organizations and more people operate remotely now a days. Thanks to Technological development, any place can be a work place and efficiency is far better even from members working remotely.. I could find many women could resume their work within a short period after delivery of child, even many male members could remain with their family but work from a remote location.. Lot of time is saved in commuting to office, commuting to clients place.. Surely there will be more… Read more »

Nice article somebody touched this topic, I’ve doing freelancer for 10years now, mostly working from home. As you mention client assumption is different and results are different.
Great work.